The future of Invisible Beauty lies in continuing to evolve and be part of the purpose of Puig”

There have been seven editions of the Makers program of Invisible Beauty since it was launched in 2014. Last edition has been perhaps the most complicated, due to the impact of the pandemic. When I think of my experience of the last seven years, I know that person-to-person contact during the program sessions plays a key role in helping the Makers grow in confidence and solidity.

After the pandemic, we have had to learn to relate to each other on-screen and I am convinced that, in the case of the Makers program of Invisible Beauty, the joint effort has been worth it. The Makers teamwork in conjunction with the people from Puig has reinforced all the projects on the program and this has had notable positive impacts on society. 

Looking back, I can see that the path of Invisible Beauty has not been easy, but we are moving in the right direction. Starting a project with these characteristics always implies evolving and making improvements. And I feel proud today because we have been able to take the program to five affiliates since it was launched, more than 2,200 people from the company voted in the last edition, and, in total, we have already promoted over 50 social entrepreneurship projects

There is no doubt that Invisible Beauty is leaving a bigger and bigger mark. And to reach this point, the two key factors have been social entrepreneurship and the participation of the people from Puig. We have succeeded in making many of the social projects a benchmark in their sectors today. And it is great to see how more and more Puig employees are taking an interest in the program with the desire to contribute socially, because through something as simple as passing on their knowledge, values and business excellence, we obtain excellent results that fill them with pride and satisfaction. 

The future of Invisible Beauty lies in continuing to evolve and be part of the purpose of Puig: to leave a better world for the next generation, a better world for the people and the planet, a more prosperous world and a more egalitarian society. I hope the program becomes a source of pride for everyone inside and outside the company. With these intentions in mind, the next edition will support projects that are aligned with and can contribute to the purpose of Puig, specifically focusing on Sustainable Development Goals 5, 10, 12 and 13 on the 2030 Agenda, and thereby pursuing a global objective shared by the company, the Puig family, and society as a whole. 

Thank you very much for everything!

Mercedes Navarro