Female empowerment is one of the main causes that the program defends. 

There is nothing superficial about establishing a parallel between the challenges set forth in the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the challenges taken on by the Puig Foundation, through its Invisible Beauty Makers program.

Female empowerment is one of the main challenges that the program addresses: the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No 5: gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. In the 6th edition of the Makers program this became a highly prominent focus, with six of the selected projects working directly with this cause.

In Spain: Nikarit, a natural cosmetics company that empowers women from Nikki, in Benin (Africa), through a fair trade model based on cooperation. Break the Silence that raises awareness, sensitizes and trains people to tackle and get to the root of problems. I tu qui ets?, a therapeutic project that brings together abused dogs and people who have been the victims of violence to create a safe environment for rehabilitation. In Argentina: Manos del Monte, which organizes training workshops for women from rural communities, aimed at enhancing their skills and promoting community development. In France, Tissu Solidaire accompanies refugees in their search for employment in the host country, with a focus on the tailoring profession. In Mexico, that recently joined the program, the María Josefina Red de Emprendedoras project organized by Andrea Rangel, which helps women in situations of extreme vulnerability to change their role in society by establishing new entrepreneurial initiatives


Tissu Solidaire

I tu qui ets?

María Josefina Red de emprendedoras

Manos del Monte

The next decade is critical if the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are to be achieved in order to create a better world. If we look at the pandemic as a time of respite that has taught us to act differently, then these six projects reflect this change and our desire for a better world in the future. Most importantly, this is the purpose of our social program and it is these projects that show us how things can be done differently and better.