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Towards conscious economies


“With no doubt partnerships in Makers program make Puig a company with a purpose”

We interviewed Ana Trias.

The concepts of brand and purpose. We can no longer talk about one without the other. Why not?

Because purpose is a brand’s or a business’s reason for being, which goes beyond making a profit or increasing stock value.

What does it imply?

It means that a brand has taken a position on issues relevant to its followers, society and the planet, making it an essential part of its strategy and its communication. Purpose is the essence of a business, its reason for being, its heart.

So when can we talk about “conscious brands”?

A brand is conscious when, on the basis of purely human values, it chooses to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem... The goal is not to make money by offering products but to offer products that add value while earning money.

In this context, do consumers expect more of companies?

Yes, their expectations have changed. Today, we expect companies to try to contribute to society.

And does this influence the consumer's final decision?

Yes. Customers not only make decisions based on the products, their quality and price, but also evaluate what a brand represents. As individuals we are becoming increasingly concerned about the sustainability of the planet and want information about the origin and traceability of the products we buy. We place value on a brand being ethical.

The cases of Timpers or Nikarit are good examples of this.

Of course in the case of Timpers, their reason for being, beyond designing and producing sneakers, is the integration of people with disability into all aspects of life, eliminating barriers and stereotypes. This company is a perfect example of what we are talking about. Like Nikarit, which besides selling cosmetics, empowers women and is fighting to save the shea tree, one Africa´s treasures.

And what about the Invisible Beauty Makers program. What were your impressions when you participated?

I always start out as a collaborator trying to help, but really they end up helping and supporting me. It is always a privilege to have these conversations and I feel very lucky to have been able to get to know them.

How are you benefitting from the Makers?

There’s no doubt they’ve made me rethink, for example, how to approach my brand projects.

In this respect, the new focus* of the program aims to encourage these partnerships between Makers and brands. How can it benefit Puig?

There is no doubt that the partnerships with the Makers program make Puig a company with purpose.